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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 4, 2014 10:00am-10:31am JST

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llo there, welcome t "newine." it's monday, august 4. i'm catherinkobayashi in tokyo. israeli troops appear to be winding downheir offsive in e gaza strip. most have srted to pull out of the terriry but the t sides have not stopped fighting. iseli commander say they e close to achievingheir goal. they went in to destroyunnels used b hamas ghters. hamas uses the tunnels to carry out attacks. on sunday, the militants unched more than 90 rockets tords israel and hamas lears
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say they won stop fighting until isra lifts its economic blkade. on sunday, one shell landed outsid anited nags schoo whereabouts 3,000 palestians ha tak rege. ten peopl were dild. u.n. secreta-general called thttack moral ouage and criminal act. health oicials in gaza say more than1800 peopl have been killed since oatencive began st month reue crews are struggling help t survivo of an earthquake in southwestern china. but aftershocks and bad weather are hamperingheirfforts. magnitude 6 of quake hit an province on sunday. at least 36 peopl were killed. more than1800 hurt. thquake hit in late afternoo it destroyed at least 12,0 homes, and it seved communication anpower lines.
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2,500 military psonnel, police officers, and fifighters rued in to help the suivors. but they have toork through after shocks and hea rain. and landslides havblocked some roads. another earthquaketruck the ea two years ago, kiing more an 80 people. former japan pri minister visited being last month to meet with the chine president xi jinping. the two men discussed how to improve biteral relations. president xi agreed a request from fukuda,ho is the board chairman of the rum which serves aa platform for dialoguemong asia's politica academic andusiness leaders. the o exchanged opinions on what c be done to enhance es between japan and china th has suffered ovethe senkaku islands. japan controls t islands but china d taiwan claim them. prime minister shio abe said he's lking forward to meetg
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s chinese counterpart in november wn they meet in beijing. health care professnals are doing what they can to stop the world's larst outbreak o ebola. they rushed in whe people in the region started ing. but some a falling victim themselves. official wehe world health organizaon say 729 people died from the virusn guinea, sira leone and liria. e arican doctor was sent home a is being treated as a hospital in lanta. the people who liven west africa can't get the hel they need. there aren't enough doctors and nurses a some hospitalsn l liberia stopped accepting patients infted wh the virus. people on therontines are feelg the stin. doctor without borders are calling on colagues around the world to help. still theyre warning of the
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dangers. >> you canet infected jt by washing with your hands, will go ba to you village, and after 2 to days you can have t diseas >> sheaid doctors and health officials in t region are inexperienced and ma people n't trust them. >> the firstime that this disease happens west africa. so the populationidn't kno anything aboutit. and politicalnd new study authoritiesidn't know aswell. >> she says many patients avoid hospitals, even tho who know they're infected. she sd their resources are stretched from t limit and s nts medical organationes om around the world toelp trailocal health care workers.
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private research fir are predicting substantial dro in japan'sroest domestic product. they releasedheir predictn ahead of the government's announcement on aust 313th the firm says pan's adp for april to june perio isikely have dropped substantial after aharp decli in personal spending. the firm ss gdp growth in real terms wilbe down 1.6 to 2.4 percentage pois from previous quarter. this translas it annual drop of 6.1 to 9.2 perntage points. 's the firstime in seven quarters that t figure was lower tha that ofhe previous three-moh period. japan's gdp inanuary t mch period mart 6.7 percentage increase at an annual rate. firmttribute the decline to downrn of ses and cars, appliaes, following theax hike in april. they say businesses invested le in plants a eqpment.
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while on the previous quarter, they invested more due tthe mmand for personalomputers p. but the forecast for the jy to september period is broir because pernal snding is expected to pic up. ime ministe abe has said p growthill bene of the interissiese uses to decide ether to rai the tax t 10% in octoberext year abe ss he will tackle one of e biggest challenges for japan's economy. the declining population. he'setermined to sto itrom fallinbelow a hundred hiln for t next half century. promised more help for parents by expanding after school child sayre services, offeri special assistance to those havg a third child. but he faces an uphi battl many jap piazzajapanese are rel to have children or en get rried because they feel ty don't ve the luxury to.
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reporter: she livesn tokyo th her husband and 4onth-old son. she works for a od company but she's on parentaleave until ne year. shthinks balancing parenting and rk will be tough. she says s and her husband want a second child,ut she's worried ey would struggle to cope. she hato go on a long waitg listo get her son into a public nsery. so the gernment cuts child allowance two ars ago. school fees are sing, and that's hurting paren who shoulder mucof the cost. only households in three oer developed countries paa greater sharof the bill. >>ranslator: we have to pay our mortge and we'll need mo money for ition. i'm worried howe can manage our spending. reporter: japanese milies arbringing in less thathey used to.
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those with childn earn 10% ss annually than they did yes ago. she says it will be bett to givene child proper care and educatiothan to stretch things thin forwo. >> tralator: i hope the government wilfoster an enronment in which women fee secure enough to havchildren and dot have to worry abou the cost of raising them. >> repter: another factor the low birth te is the increasing nber of people who choose not tmarry. many s they don't earn enoh money to rse a family. thisan is a social worker at a nonprofit ornization just north of tokyo. aftegraduating college, hopped around between jobsn convenience storesnd super markets. he was 31 wh he landed his current job inpril.
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he now earns $00 a month. he ss that, after tax an living expenses, there'sothing left for savings he ss he wants to get maied one day, bute doesn't feel financially stable eugh to make such a big commment. >> translator: i don'tave any savings. ani'm stretching my earnings t only enough to cov my own living cts. m just not sure if i can he mywn family. >> repter: and it's not on kawaguchi o is hesitating. arnd 10% of men in the 30s earn less an $30,000 a year are married. d a government survey suggts half the unmared men feel they can't ford to build a family. one pert says the governnt's new inittives are hopeful, b it needs to grow fther.
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>>ranslator: we need msures to boost the incom of young uples. creasing the number of nursies, making it easier to take partal leave are also important. reporter: japanese peoplere hang fewer and fewer bies. abe is promisi to act swiftly. to ve verse a slide. but firshe must convince people his gernment will offer all the support they need. more tn 80,000 people in northeaste japan know what it's likto be uprooted. the gornment ordered them evacuate theiromes in 2011 because of t fukushima daiichi nuclear accident
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officials nitored decontaminatn efforts and judged part of t zone was habitabl then ts april they lifted e order allowi residents to return. some peoplwent home. nhk world founout how they're trying to rebuild thr community. >>eporter: nobody had seen this f three years. the kids came back to a hool at stood empty after the nuclear accident. this part of t district is 20 kilometersrom the plant. it's the first pce government officials lifted the evacuaon order. t only half the resints retued. some people are stl worried out radiation, even ough the government ss the area is habitable. theylso say the area is inconvennt.
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there aren'tnough shops and hospitals in theistrict. municipal leads are trying to entice people ck. they builtemporary shops. they ao launched a taxi service for resints who don't have their own wheels. residents cause it to see a doctor or go shoing with a discounted fare. still,ome residents worry e communitcould disappear. thisoman is trying to ke it going. she and her family camhome as soon as they were allowe they had to move fivtimes as evacuees. but they never forgotheir hometown. >> tralator: we are happy ery day. it was good we returd soon.
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>> rorter: knowing only lf the residenthave returned, she decided create a place where everyone canet together. a tritional house her faly owns was the ide location. she remodeleit as a cafe. she was born a raised in the house. she remembers th150-year-old house was always fulwith many people visitg. her weing ceremony was hel ther too. >> translator: this ace gives my life meaning. was born and raised here. i can't think of ling anywhere else. hard times, sad times,appy times, i've had them all he. >> reporter:he hopes this house will be a ace where people come whtend to be isolated.
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she opens her cafe ijune. [ applause ] residents came to he her lebrate. so did neighbors who haven moved back. she is serving lch in the cafe and ornizing craft classesor residents. >> transtor: i'm so happy i can come here. >> reporter: she kws rebuilding the communi won't be ey, with so many people staying ay. >> tralator: i shouldn't hope for too much peop who want to come ba shouldome. but i'm iting. >> reporter:overnment officials ve no concrete plans to lt their evacuation oer
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from oth parts of the area. mewhile, she hopes herafe will heltransform her distri into alace where people want to return. >> government officials from japan and otr countries are advising their nationalso leave lya due tthe worsening securi situion. rival mitant groups are fighting acrosshe country mainly in the capital of tripoli and eastern city of bengha. more than 200 peopleave been kill so far. the international airport in tripi has halted operatns. a nber of nearby oil deps have bn destroyed. embassy he are testimony praurly
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closed. diplats are urgin their nationals toeave immediately. a greek naval vessel carried about 180 people from china, britn and other countes to a port i athens on saturday. one of the evacueeseard explosions. he said h might have been attacked ife had stayed in libya. members of the libyan parliament are scheduledo meet ononday to discuss ways to restore security problems with the surrogate procs have been highlight after an australia couple jected a baby with down syndrome. news outlets inustralia rept a 21-year-old thai surrogate mother gave birth to twins i dember last year upo request byhe couple. payment for theelivery was out $16,000. the cple refused to accept the male bab due to down syndrome t they took his siste w had healtprlems. newseports say the surrogate mother is currently taking care of the baby with her own two children in ailand.
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translator: why doehe have be abandoned like ts? i love him aif he's one of my own. >> the ausalian prime minister expressed disappointnt over the case. >> is an incredibly sad story. i guess it illustres some of the pitfalls involvein this partular business. >> loc media say that many austraan couples travel to thaind each year to ask r surrogate delivery. the present caseed to controvey about the appropriateness of surrocy and regulation >>recycling benefits o lives in any numbeof ways. in thehilippines, a common container discarded by milons of people wodwide every day is beinrepurposed with dazzng implications. kathen o'campo reports.
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>> reporter:his is a farming mmunity nestled in t untains of luzon, some 100 kilometers north omanila. 30 families ve here, but none of them haveccess to elecicity. aftedark, they gather arnd oil lamps or candl. as t lights run out, the lit bond fires. a nongovernmenorganization visits the village, inging them empty plast bottles. and small lar panels. they assemble e pieces to make simple lamps. the project givefree lighting toeople who don't have electrity. phillip diaz hds the group. he heard about theillage from local church.
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he brought enough materis for 30 lamps. each lp is easy to assembl st insert the l.e.d. in a bottle and atth a solar panel. ngo members make lam with the villagers and puthem on their rooftops. the solar panel reives enough sunlight ding the day to power the lampll night. >> they don't havehe capacity pay the electricityates, so which are some of e highest in asia. so we nted to build a way where theyan have some light, but use mmonly available marials. >> reporter: aft sunset, people across the llage turn their lamps. an iuminated evening likthis
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is a dre come true. >> translato thanks to this lamp, we can eatinner without mang a fuss like we di before thchildren are so happy. the la is very important to us we're so graful for the power of the sun >> rorter: the group's mn focus is helpi regions struck by last year's typon haiyan. the tyoon left many people meless. unab to pay their electricity bills, they' been living without ectric lights for mo an six months. diaz hopes his lamps wiloffer some encouragement. >> light ithe first step of rebuildi life. the most importantart is abt, you know, you canake the peopleeel good, just like what we did here. >> translar: we're really happy. this will chge everything for us.
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we don't havto spend the night in the dim lightnymore. >> reporter: sll lamps made a of fat bottles shinen the . they're a glimmer of hope r people who refuse give in to adrsity. kathen o'campo, nhk world. it's time nofor a check of the weathe a typhn is heading towards southwest japa i shoji joins us with the latest. >> parts ojapan are seeing the wettest weekend inhistory. an there is no relief in sig. another violt typhoon is comi towards southwest japan. you can early see the eyewall. it's ithe eastern philippis ght now, affecting the philippines withots of rainfall a stormy conditions. it is packingusts of about 300 kimeters per hour, andind speeds sustaed at 200
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kiloters per hour. we have been monitori this since la week. itas developed into a olent typhoostatus, which is the highesrank of any kind of storm system. so it'a very strong system pulling a t of the moisture, carrying itowards southwest islands ofapan, and it's more of a concern he in kyushu. have some video comg up from there. take a look athis. ts of landslides have occued and one person killein tokuima. a man was ept away in a river and found dead thimorning. out 600 millimeters rainfall in kushima and more than,000 millimeters here across kochi prefecture. so people are still wading i kn-deep water. there's not ing to be a lot of thatelief in sight as i mentned because of a trocal depression, which ed to be a ry strong storm syst, still linging over western are of south korea.
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th's feeding a lot of at moisture and creing this much amnts of rainfall. ke a look at this. these are yourigits for the past 72 hours. 1,070 millimeters inarts of kochi. doest look that big. bu this amount is a htorical cord. and on top of at we're likely to see00 millimeters of additional rainfalbecause of that typhoon that's ing to be coming your way. kinki about 10millimeters. because of that trical depression i menoned before, it's carryg a lot of the moistureere across northern japan and th's likely to see about to milmeters of additional raiin western hokkaido so lotof things happening here. another dathat could challenge record breaking amous, cld
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be anotherettest day across this area. lots of things happing here. and acrossouthwest locations of china, owers lingering which could cause condary disasters there. and he is another dangerou factor in the dsection of cha, reaching up to 36egrees an39 in chong ching. here acrossmericas, we are tracking this tropical stm syem in southeast of t bahamas. already affecting thislands with stormy coitions. looks like bause of the warm water, it wi be feeding it to become a hurcane status over the xt few days, so we he to motor this, but looks ke it's pulling away fromand, not directly impacti the land. possibly storm surgeand rip currentse're concerned with, but more of cold front eating stormy conditns. thunderstorms in atlan, miami. anin the midsection, due to the ytime heating, thunderstorms popping up. i'll leave you nowith the extended forast.
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one more story to she with u before we go. traditional mmer festivals are in fl swing around japan in one northern ar, spectators enjod a performance involving tall bamo poles decorated wi lanterns. the lantern festivalegan sunday evening. akita prefectur akita
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efec in akita akita prefecturein akita prefecture. th raised 270 poles wi lanter attached. they baland the poles on their fohead, shoulders and lower back. spectars cheered as perforrs went throu the paces. the pos carry as many as 4 lanterns. one the tallest is 12 meters high and wghs 50 kilograms. the laerns represent lightin hopes of a good harvest. >> tralator: i'm so excite th their performance. they're wonderful. >> translato this is beyond my imagation. i'm so iressed with this powerfulhow. >> about 15 million people are expected to visit e festival at ends on wednesday at's all for this edition of "newsli." m catherine kobayashin tokyo.
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thanks for joing us.
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right after the gatapan earthqua in 20, volunteers flked to the devastated areas. but my of the stricn coastal area had someonsiderable damage that the could not make preparions for receiving volunteers in their situation, t cizens of no citwelcomed everyone who offered to hel


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